Who Was Harriet Prince? What’s the Connection with Eliza Prince, Hannah Adcock & Jones Children?

OBJECTIVE: Find parents of Harriet PRINCE

BACKGROUND: Alex MCGHEE (my GG Grandfather) has always been a mystery. Growing up, I was told he was an only child of Harriet PRINCE and Robert MCGHEE. I have been working on this puzzle off and on since I’ve been a child.

For years, I only had two documents. Alex MCGHEE’s death certificate listing his parents names (Harriet PRINCE & Robert McGHEE and an index record listing the marriage of Harriet DIXON and Robert MCGEHEE.

The biggest breakthrough was when I discovered a DNA match who was a descendant of a Harriet PRINCE and a John DIXON. I believe that “John” is a mistake and his name was actually “Alexander” The following is my current working theory. I am in the process of gathering information to prove OR disprove this theory.

I have placed supporting documents on my FAMILY TREE.

WORKING THEORY: I am descended from the Harriet PRINCE who married Alexander DICKSON(DIXON) in 1841. Harriet (wife of A. Dixon) who is buried in Mount Olive Cemetery is my Harriet PRINCE.


1818 (circa)Alexander DICKSON bornKentucky
1813 or 1821 Harriet PRINCE bornTennessee
Unknown dateHarriet PRINCE on Hazel Creek Baptist Church rollsMuhlenberg Co, KY
22 Aug 1841Alexander DICKSON and Harriet PRINCE were married by J.B. DunnMuhlenberg Co, KY
1835-1845J.B. Dunn was the pastor of the Hazel Creek Baptist ChurchMuhlenberg Co, KY
1842 (circa)Elizabeth DICKSON bornKentucky
20 Nov 1843Sarah A. DICKSON bornIllinois
1846 (circa)James W. DICKSON bornIllinois
1848 (circa)John L. DICKSON bornIllinois
1849 (circa)Nancy DICKSON bornIllinois
1850 CensusAlexander DICKSON doesn’t own land. Harriet cannot read or write.
William (18) & Eliza (15) MARTIN newlyweds are living with them (Eliza’s maiden name is Prince)
Thomas JONES (10) also living with them.
Hannah ADOCK (65) and James (19) and Polly A. (11) JONES listed in household below Dicksons.
Williamson Co, IL
05 Jun 1856Marriage Index Robert McGEHEE and Harriet DIXON
County cannot locate original record.
Gallatin Co, IL
01 Mar 1858Alex McGHEE born (parents Robert McGhee & Harriet Prince)Ridgeway, Gallatin Co, IL
1860 CensusHarriet DICKSON living with Sarah, James, Nancy and Alexander DICKSON (age 3).
Did the Census taker make a mistake? Are they Harriet McGHEE and Alex McGHEE?
Need to find Elizabeth and John
Did Elizabeth marry?
Did John die?
Ford’s Ferry, Crittenden Co, KY
1870 CensusNeed to locate census
Index to death record – Harriet McGHEE (Need to request)Gallatin Co, IL
1878Harriet (wife of A. Dixon) headstone does not mention her last name.
The cemetery index has her under Harriet DIXON.
I believe the indexer made assumptions based on the inscription.
Located in same cemetery is Nancy MITCHELL (Harriet’s daughter Nancy DIXON who died 1885)
Mount Olive Cemetery, White Co, IL
1880 CensusAlex McGHEE and his divorced sister Nancy DIXON living togetherBear Creek, Gallatin Co, IL
14 Jan 1923Alex McGHEE obituary. Parents and siblings are not listed.
Rev. C.M. PRINCE conducted the funeral service
Indian Creek, White Co, IL

To Do:

Hazel Creek Baptist ChurchNo other PRINCEs listed in the Church rolls
Other family connections may be on the church rolls
Several ACOCKs are listed
1870 CensusWant to know if Alex is listed as DICKSON/DIXON or McGHEE
Want to know if Harriet is listed as DICKSON/DIXON or McGHEE
Want to know if Nancy is living in the household. Want to know when she got married
Locate Nancy DIXON first marriageWho did she married?
Create a list of Gallatin Co, IL and Crittenden Co, KY possibilities. Range 1860-1880
IF husband served in Civil War and had a widow. The widow would need to prove the divorce between Nancy and spouse.
Keep an eye on Civil War Widow’s Pensions on Fold3
Locate Nancy DIXON divorceHopefully, family relationships will be established in the court records
ADCOCK and JONES connectionWho was Hannah ADCOCK? Any connection to the DICKSON or PRINCE family?
Why was Thomas JONES living with Alexander DICKSON family in 1850?
Eliza PRINCE MARTIN connectionWho was Eliza?
How is she connected to Harriet?
Alexander DICKSON deathWhen and where did Alexander DICKSON die?
IF before marriage of Robert McGEHEE and Harriet DIXON, then this might be the correct family
IF after the marriage of Robert and Harriet, then this might be the incorrect family
A will index has an Alexander DICKSON in Williamson County, IL.
Need to request
Robert McGHEE deathDid he die between 1856-1860?
Did he leave Harriet?
Did Harriet and Robert divorce?
Further research needed on him.
Harriet MCGHEE deathGallatin County, IL has an index listing Harriet McGHEE
When did that Harriet die?
Where was she buried?
Does the death/burial location match Harriet, wife of A. Dixon in Mount Olive Cemetery?
Does it list birth place, parent information, spouse information, etc.?
Need to request
Alexander and Harriet DIXON childrenResearch each child
Locate death certificates, marriage certificates, obituaries, etc.
Any connections to my Alex MCGHEE?
Rev. C.M. PRINCEAny connection to Harriet?
Emeline VICKERYIn James W. DIXON probate, it mentions a life estate for widow Emeline VICKERY (maiden name – JONES).
She buried in the same cemetery (JONES AKA KIRK Cemetery) as a James JONES (possibly the James in Hannah ADCOCK 1850 census).
However, the BEANs are also buried in that cemetery and James DIXON married a Louise BEAN.
James JONES married a Catherine BEAN.
To add to the confusion, Sarah DIXON’s first husband was KIRK.


  • My family matches descendants of Sarah DIXON (Harriet’s daughter)
  • My family matches descendants of Eliza J PRINCE (Is this Harriet’s sister?)
  • My family matches descendants of Hamilton Co, IL PRINCEs

Caution is needed in evaluating DNA as Gallatin County, IL and surrounding counties had a low population then and now. Many families are connected through marriage so DNA connections may actually be through different lines.


It is not unusual to discover records that conflict. However, I want to have a list of conflicting information as I’m proving/disproving information.

  • During Alexander DICKSON life, he is consistently referred to as DICKSON not DIXON. Later records that I am using consistently use DIXON. Records of James W., Sarah, Nancy and Harriet. Are these the same people in records of Alexander DICKSON? Locating the death certificates and other records of the children will help prove/disprove this.
  • 1860 Census. The location is in Kentucky but it is across the river from where the family was living previously. Alexander DICKSON age 3 matches the age that my Alex MCGHEE would have been. Did the census taker make a mistake on the last name of Harriet and Alex?
  • A death certificate index lists Sarah DIXON’s parents as John DIXON and Harriet PRINCE.

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